Rhinestone Eye Photo : The Makeup

How do you make any styling decisions with an open design plan…say a photo shoot?  The answer is deep within yourself.  Do you want to go all out with your look and get noticed by the local police as a possible social hazard or to you want to be that wallflower that went to that club so you could watch the ball drop while nursing a glass of champagne.  I say find a comfortable medium with those two.  It really is all up to you and your personality.  Neither answer is wrong.

For starters having a good color palette is kind of essential or you’ll just end up with “off-the-beaten-path Jenkles the Clown makeup” look.  I landed on a purple and white palette.  I chose this because it is outside of my comfort zone.  I have a warm color wheel.  I went light at first but then steadily added more purple once I became more comfortable with it (I am not very good with strong makeup).

Later on, my only accent was my red lips which I tried in both the DIY Crayola lipstick Brick Red and MAC’s Russian Red.

Personal Note: I had the misfortune of getting my hands on some Black Friday Ulta deals in which I procured two make-up caboodles.  I was hypnotized by the variety of colors that exhibited my one failing in this project.  When it comes to make-up, cheaper is not always better.  I have gotten my hands on some awesome cheap cosmetics in my day…however, you don’t always get lucky.  Doll and myself tried for over two hours to get the eyeshadow to actually “work”.  Even the vibrant colors weren’t up to snuff.  I’ll give the caboodles another chance later in the year but for the bright, glittery eye shadow I’m going for now, not Ulta.

I decided to have fun with some small crystals.  I used e.l.f. Eyelash Glue, a pair of tweezers, and the same little crystals I used for the Rhinestone Sunglasses.  For my first shots, I only had one eye done so you could see the difference.  There is always a problem with doing only half your makeup and that is you don’t look complete.  But the eyelash glue held up and was just as easy to remove.  It was the test run and the glue worked as hoped.

The next shoot I didn’t use as many crystals but I managed to keep them aligned on my lash line with four big ones on the outside and three small ones moving to the inner corner.  I didn’t use eyeliner because I wanted to keep it light.  I used my e.l.f. Little Black Beauty Book Cool Python Edition eyeshadow for the base white and the dark purple shadow.  For the shimmery white I used a small $1 Profusion eyeshadow that I bought at Walgreens.  I made sure to sweep my whole eye with the pearly white shadow keeping the darker purple down to the outer corners.

For my eye lashes I used L’oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara since I wanted that big dramatic effect.  This particular mascara is very dramatic and should be used only if you want those big, statement making lashes.  L’oreal makes great mascara and I hope to use a different one in the later shoots.  But I still needed a bit more sparkle since I was mimicking a New Year’s look.  I had some extra large glitter from a previous DIY.  I took hair spray onto a q-tip and lightly applied it around my eye area.  It’s tacky enough to where it would hold the glitter, but not strong enough to cement it to my skin.  Then I showered that area with glitter.

Rhinestone 7

Personal Note: In hindsight, I would have preferred to use finer glitter since the larger grains almost look like freckles on my cheeks.  However, I can’t complain!  I think they came out great! Also, I think I try some falsies in the future!

If you want to know how I edited a similar photo to the one above just check out my upcoming blog Photoshop and Lightroom Editing : Rhinestone Portrait!

If you want a far more dramatic look just keep adding crystals (if you have the patience to) in patterns around the eye.  I suggest having a rhyme and reason to the design pattern.  If you just throw crystals onto your eyelid all crazy-like you could end up with a confusing, lopsided look. Ain’t nobody got time for that!  Also, do what I did and Google some great rhinestone looks that you might find appealing.  I will definitely attempt some more crystal looks in the future but seeing as this was the very first time I had done it…I think it came out great!

Bonus: Champagne glitter!

The champagne sparkle eyeshadow I used for the photos with the blue Sugarlips dress and bowler hat was actually a random buy at the drugstore.  Since my colors at first were champagne and blue I thought I’d give it a go.  I kept it very simple.  The eyeshadow was Revlon’s Photo Ready Eye Art and it worked beautifully!  I then did a bit of the same mascara from before and that was that.

Unedited shot of me trying to add some mascara.

Even with all the sparkle and glitter (which washed all over my cheeks later) the look was still more subtle than the rhinestone makeup. I have a warm skin tone so that worked out marvelously.  I suppose that if this was my choice I probably would have gone for the warmer palette.

Note: All these photos were taken with a Cybershot HX9V on portrait settings and flash.  Nothing fancy! No special tricks.


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