Lipstick Comparison + DIY Crayola Lipstick Tutorial

While looking for some ideas on make up brands I came across something that I would not have guessed but should have suspected.  Crayola Lipstick!  Those coloring crayolas you give to school kids and college boys at restaurants to entertain themselves at the dinner table have been employed for another purpose.  It turns out that many women felt that store bought brand lipsticks contained too much lead chemicals so they went to making their own “natural” lipsticks.

Now, I am going to show you how I made the ones for the New Year’s Eve/Day Photography to show you the difference under the camera and how it measured up in the shoot but I strongly urge everyone to carefully test anything that goes on your face on a small patch of skin first!  Though it may be safe for kids and college boys to eat, Crayola has never tested this stuff on skin especially on the face so try not to wear this stuff on an everyday basis.

DIY CrayolaI have seen some people melt everything together with nothing but a spoon and a candle…I don’t recommend this since it kinda looks like you might be displaying a habit technique that even you were unaware of.

Some other colors I chose for the DIY Crayola lipsticks (so I can have variety) Metallic Sunburst, Alloy Orange, Wild Blue Yonder, and Dazzled Blue.

Now that I have a pretty nice shade of DIY Crayola lipstick I will compare a store bought lipstick to see which can withstand the lights and drama of a photo shoot.  One of my favorite lipstick colors of all time is red and an awesome shade to work with is MAC’s Russian Red.  Ladies, you can’t go wrong with red!  My instinct told me to use a stain so that it would last for several hours but I like flexibility so lipstick removal was a must.

So this is my results after about two hours of shooting.

Crayola Vs MAC

To be perfectly honest, the color from both experiments could work since I edit all my photos in Lightroom5.  What I really wanted to test is to see which once could stay on long enough.  The name brand, I expected, did far better but then again…Crayola is a CRAYON!  Unless you used the colors for maybe a Halloween party and you needed alien make-up then I don’t suggest wearing it all the time.



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