Photoshop and Lightroom Editing : Rhinestone Portrait

This is my first photo that I mainly made adjustments in just Lightroom 5.  It took a lot of tweaking in Lightroom 5 to get this without looking super over-exposed but exposed enough to show a very porcelain-like look. So this will be a short blog on how I got to that point.


The original image was shot in front of a window with natural light and camera flash only with a HX9V set at ISO 160, f/3.3, and a shutter speed of 1/30th a second.


From there, in Lightroom 5, I left the Temp and Tint completely alone.  The exposure only adjusted slightly as well as the contrast.  Where I really went crazy was the highlights which I bumped up to +100 and whites up to +48.  This took away just about all of the shadows.  Because I jacked up the highlights in the Basic panel so high I left the Tone Curve alone in the Highlights and only lowered the Shadows to -27.

Hint: If you look closely you can see a small section of the photo shoot! There was over 1300 of them!


The color panel is where I had the most fun!  This photo doesn’t have a lot of color to work with but whatever color it does have I wanted it to pop!  The red saturation I increased only a little since I was wearing by best red lipstick (MAC Russian Red).  The orange was brought down to give my skin an even paler complexion. The yellow was brought down to get rid of the high saturation in my hair.  I didn’t need to mess with the green, aqua or blue since there was no reason in this photo to adjust them.  The purple is where I increased the saturation the most.  That made my eyeshadow rich.

I then did a slight scale of 106 just to close it in a bit.


Now onto Photoshop!  I made no layer adjustments.  I just patched the creases in the background and applied Healing Brush strokes on some old scars and blemishes.  So for this photo Photoshop was an afterthought but was important since I am still in the process of getting to know Lightroom 5.  And I like my second shadow.  I was told that it was the mark of an amateur…so I’m alright with it!

Come check out this and other portrait images in my January Photography!


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