DIY Bonus : Rhinestone Sunglasses


This was a very good example of thinking outside the box when it comes to materials.  At first, I was going to use tiny swarovski crystals because they are of better quality but for monetary flexibility I chose a less expensive route.  I picked up the iron on crystal motifs from the fabric section of the craft store so I could peel off the tiny shiny crystals from the adhesive.  This was a painfully traumatic experience because the crystals were so tiny they kept getting lost when I sighed heavily or moved my hand near them.  Once I talked myself off the bridge I managed to create a work station that put everything in place.

Note: Make sure you clean the rim of the glasses with alcohol to get oil and dirt off the plastic so the glue will stick better.

The toothpicks were the easiest choice since tweezers would eventually get glue build-up between the pincers.  I dolloped a small amount of Fabric Fusion on a palette since I learned that applying the adhesive directly to the glasses was very…messy.

Note: if you can get one and you plan on doing future projects with small crystals, I totally suggest a Helping Hand with Magnifier.  They are inexpensive and it saved my day!

I started with darker purple crystals and worked my way around.  Once I ran out I started to experiment since the first pair was obviously going to be the “work” pair.  From this I learned that “less is more” meaning I should have bought two packs to make sure I would have enough in case I lost or damaged the crystals.  Besides that, this whole project took me a whole of 30 minutes to complete.


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