3 DIY Hair Accessories For New Year’s

When I first got the idea to do a photography blog I thought that maybe doing some DIY tutorials on how I got some of the prop items from the shoots would give other people some ideas.  My problem was that my props were sparingly used so for this post I’m showing what props I did make but just didn’t really use.

1. The Crown


  • Sequined crown (I found mine in the dollar bin at the craft store)
  • Small string of 10 battery operated LED lights with star tips
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • 1 Darice 3 in/7.5cm Sure Grip Barrette
  • Teresa Collins Signature Essential 50PC Number pack
  • Adhesive Tech Mini Low Temp Glue Gun

Crown Tutorial

2. I’m Seeing Stars Headband


3. Happy 2015 Hair Clip


WARNING:  Glitter is evil!  Fabulous and oh so pretty…but so evil.  And on a personal note: I would have used finer glitter for a full coverage look. Also, when you hot glue the dowels to the clip, leave the clip open so you don’t glue it shut.


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