New Year’s Photo Shoot : I Learned…

… that no matter how hard something is or how impossible it may be to put it together, you can do anything you want.  I really mean that!  I am 32 years old and I have been told my entire life that I couldn’t do a great many things when what they were really saying was “you shouldn’t because we won’t.”  There were so many times where I was going to give up.  Another little fact about me is that I am an introvert.  I get bored and upset when I fail.  But I just took an hour break, listened to some music, and got back to work.

The main purpose of this blog is to encourage and educate anyone wanting to do a photo shoot, photography, digital editing, advertisement design, DIY project, or makeup experimentation and tell them that it’s alright to do it.  I have never been really “girly” but I do love a good beauty day.  Since I started doing this blog project I’ve felt prettier.  Really!  I have!  Sometimes it’s good to step away from a daily routine and get glamorous for awhile.

  • During the makeup projects I have sifted through a few little informative tidbits.  I now know that some Ulta makeup is not really brilliant enough to handle a photo shoot.  As I said, sometimes the more expensive a makeup is the better it works out.  I was never one to say that before but I did learn quite a few things whilst applying makeup.  I am not an expert but I have developed a steady hand for eyeliner.
  • For me, simpler is my comfort zone and though I stayed in that zone during this shoot I feel more comfortable now to branch to the road less traveled.  I stuck with head shots (which you will probably see a lot more of since I am taking these pics myself) and a white background.  I am going to read up on more tutorials on lighting setup and I also plan on getting some more materials such as black paper and velum for soft lights.
  • Speaking of lighting setups, I read somewhere that casting a second shadow is the sign of an amateur.  I’ll have to remember these things I suppose.  Could someone send me the rule book because I was unaware one existed?
  • A major regret is that I didn’t play with my manual settings on my Sony HX9V as much.  I did take some traditional photography classes in my first few years of college (I wanted to be a photographer until that first class.  Teaches will ruin everything for you!)  Since the last shoot, I have bee messing with my Canon Eos RebelX, a 35mm.  Yep!  That’s how old I am!  I trained on 35mm film. The dark room, can opener, developing canisters, baths…the works!  Funny story, when I went looking for camera mounts the guy in Best Buy had no idea what 35mm was!  Not a clue!
  • Good tip to know after editing all those photos: iron out the background or just make sure there are no creases or odd shapes behind the model.  Took me forever to blend those wrinkles out!
  • On a very positive side I started back up my Photoshop editing which is what I went to college and paid 100 grand to learn to do! Yes, you read that number right…$100,000!  Our economy sucks and I am living proof that it does!  Plus side is I never resorted to drugs or alcohol to solve my misery.
  • Downside: There is glitter EVERYWHERE!  It’s in the grains of wood in my flooring!  I even tried the sliced bread trick to pick up shards of glass! Glitter is so evil!

Personal thanks go out to my big sister for putting up with me for the last three months while I decide if I wanted to do this blog in the first place or not!  Also for letting me use her house.  And to my sister-friend Doll who helped me setup and model a few photos for me, did my makeup, and was successfully able to curl my hair.  That achievement alone is some kind of magic!

Make sure to check out February’s shoot on the 1st!  I’m continuing the New Year’s theme just throwing in the Asian flare.  That’s right!  It’s Chinese New Year’s and it’s the Year of the Sheep…or if you’re Doll it’s The Year of Drunken Faun!


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