Chinese New Years Photo Shoot : I Learned…

…that I do NOT look good with short hair!  My neck is far too long for that noise!

I have done quite a few posts and blogs about Chinese New Years in the past so I wanted to make sure that the point I was trying to get across was a little different.  For those who don’t know, I live in the South.  Luckily I live in a beautiful, well-educated, less bigoted South compared to many others so I have been trying to embrace and educated others on different culture’s beauty from all over the world. (you just wait until Diwali!)

A big reason why I’m using a lot of portrait shots in the monthly shoots is basically space and time.  I also tend to have a slight shortage of props.  Yet I don’t let that discourage me!  Try to find just a few things to make it work…and then MAKE IT WORK!  You’ll find that all your creative juices start foaming up and pretty soon you’ll have to fight back on the urge to do more.

I also found that liquid eyeliner is on the same demon level as glitter.  I had to go back into Photoshop a thousand times to fix that mess!

Costume horns.  My friend lied to me.  “Just put them on and pin them at the straps and you’re done!”  Lies!

When photographing an image under lace, get lace without a pattern.  This will save years from you life.  Trust me.

Compared to January, February had more dark background shots.  This is because I finally embraced my manual settings.  See!  It’s called learning and moving on!

I also do not look good with darker hair.  At all!  About two years ago I fried my hair on bleach and had to work out how I was going to fix it.  I thought that maybe slowing darkening my hair would be a great idea.  Problem being is when you darken really, really bleach blonde hair…you get incredibly dark.  Never again.

This post was written in February and I have just now taken the time to sit and brood over it.  I have had…a rough year and this blog was supposed to help with my stress, confidence and overall well-being but I have had to put it on the back burner for personal reasons.  I am going to try to do the best I can from now on since that is the only promise I have at this time.  Try not to give up on me yet!


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