From Sketch to Finish – Scarecrow Squid

This particular Time Squid is a bit more colorful since I did not intend for the color version to be silk screened with plastisol so the scarecrow squid, affectionately named Jacob, was done in way more than seven color.  I wanted to keep with the simplicity of the Hatbox Squid and just make it more like a coloring page than a poster design.  So for starters I first drew the scarecrow squid and scanned it into Illustrator.


In this stage I had to make some minor adjustments.  The post that supports the scarecrow was lopsided to the left a bit and I was having second thoughts about the shape of the mouth.  If you visited my site TeeSquids then you would see that Time Squid has recurring features.  His tentacles in a constant horizontal pose and five smaller legs are two of those main features.  The other is the mouth.  Nice and round, it gives continuity to all the squids which connect them together.  Here, I felt like breaking the mold to give him a bit more of a personality…something I am seriously considering for the other squids.

Sketch 2

After adding some details to the rope and face, I moved onto the base color.  Since I was not restricted to seven color I kind of went crazy.  Everything got it’s own color and I simply used the same method.  I went in with my pencil tool after having gotten rid of the stroke and basically colored within the lines.

Color 1

Once I was satisfied I went to the shades.  Always pick a light source and then make the shadows follow where the light doesn’t fall.  I’m choosing not to add highlights on the squids just yet because I feel it would make the color palettes just too dizzy.  Another big design feature of Time Squid that I might just add to the others is eyes.  I never really considered them until recently since I don’t really think he needs them…but I like how sinister he looks here with them.  I also striped a “nose” on him here for that creepy edge.

Color 2

Now onto the background.  One thing I associate with scarecrows are corn fields and nighttime.  Since I wasn’t about to do a cheap looking cornfield I managed a larger than life moon to encompass the scarecrow.  I added a simple fence and a solid foreground for depth but, again, kept it simple.  After I was done in Illustrator I took the path the Photoshop where I messed around with a simple gradient.  I want the design to speak for itself.

Finish 1

And there he is in all his creepy glory.  I know I’m being hella vague on these posts about the squids but I don’t really feel like I’m doing anything very special.  I’m keeping the vector lines to basic pencil and only change the shape it I reach a stark, flat end.  I’m going to be doing more of these so keep looking for more!  I feel like I want to expand a bit on this design a bit but to get the design across I feel this is pretty decent.






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