Star Wars Countdown Tomorrow – It Has Begun!


So if you are a Star Wars fan or have been denied the awesomeness of watching Star Wars but are still curious as to why the internet broke a few months ago then I’m sure you know by now that Episode 7 : The Force Awakens is being released on December 18th.  Or, if you’re me, you will get to see it on the 17th in 3D!  I am very sure that most people are sick to death of hearing reviews of the past movies and theories and fan theories of what will happen in the new movies by J.J. Abrams…but I’m not.  Most definitely not!  So for my countdown, I am doing my own personal favorites through Star Tours, the movies, the stuff I got when I was a kid after I watched the movies totally out of order but still LOVED them and other fun bits as a fan I have picked up or accumulated.  But I will say this, I am staying away from the theories info about the new movie.  I really want to get a fresh and excited experience so I’m staying away from “spoilers”.


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