The Force Awakens Countdown : Anticipation

My presale ticket for Episode VII
My presale ticket for Episode VII

I am very sure that all over the internet, right now, on this day the very best Star Wars fans, geeks, nerds and extremists are setting (or have had them set since the announcement of the release) their Millennium Falcon alarm clocks to countdown when the Force Awakens comes to theaters…and I am proudly doing the same.  This day will be the one month mark to the release date and I am probably thinking what all the other fans are thinking…is this going to be another Episode 1?

If you grew up with Episodes 4-6 then you know exactly what I am referring to.  That teaser trailer of how Darth Vader came to be, a young Obi-Wan Kenobi, the time of the Republic…all came to a tragic finale of CGI porn.  Was it necessary?  When Episode 1 came out the only thing I walked away with was a despicable hatred for Jar Jar Binks and utter boredom for pod racing.  Not that the back story wasn’t fascinating but…did we really need it?

Is the Force Awakens going to have the same pointless plot objectives and blatant marketing ploys?  I am hoping for the best since J.J. Abrams’ resume is promising and doesn’t entirely suck…except Cloverfield…please don’t be that movie. And marketing is now a byproduct of Disney and complaining about that would be hypocritical since I just purchased my BB-8 already.

Then came Episode 2 and 3, the remaster re-releases, the cartoons, the books…the theories.  Of all these I wish to reflect on during this next month.  I have been a fan since I saw my parents ripped VHS of Return of the Jedi (yep! I watched them out of order but I’ll explain later) and reflecting on the past 30 years just makes my anticipation for Episode 7 that much greater. So will the Force Awakens be another Phantom Menace?  We’ll find out in a month…starting today!


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