The Force Awakens Countdown : Episode 4?

pretty dame awesome
My Video cassette of Episode 4 from the 80’s

Star Wars Episode…4?  Yeah, I was one of those who got confused about it only because nowhere on the box does it say “Episode 4” and that above is my original VHS!  My parents told me there was only three movies yet the first one was the fourth?  This was way back before the internet was a legitimized thing so I had to rely on my local comic book shop, Dragon’s Tale (which is no longer a thing), to fill in the gaps.  This was the place of Dungeons and Dragons and obscure 80’s comics that you wish you would have kept but then…regrets.  Let’s just say you have regrets.

So the guy reassured innocent 5 year old me that A New Hope was indeed the first and he didn’t even know why it was titled 4. So on my birthday I got my very own Star Wars movie…which I then got another copy a few years later because of sad reasons.  For me being 5 that was a big deal since me and my siblings can destroy just about anything…but not my Star Wars.  So this is where it all started for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.  I was glad I got the Greedo and Solo conversation in the bar but it didn’t spoil it.  I was more glad there was a reason for the escape scene at Jabba’s palace later and that I knew who Jabba was.

Star Wars Episode 4
VHS of A New Hope

I must say that compared to Jedi it had it’s boring points but as an adult I find it more enjoyable.  I was still fascinated by how they all became friends and even now I notice how little the light saber was used in the film.  I’s 4 times!  When Luke first turns it on at Tatooine, at Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina, on the Millennium Falcon and when Obi-Wan and Darth Vader are fighting…that’s it!  But it works!  You get that he doesn’t know how to use it and really… he doesn’t!

So I then had but one more to see and then it would eventually take a sick day from school to watch them all in order but I must say I saved the best for last!


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