The Force Awakens Countdown : For the Love of Empire

My original cassette of Empire Strikes Back
My original cassette of Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back!  Oh damn what a great movie!  I had to wait until I was almost 6 to see this one which would have been about 1988 for me.  Now, funny thing is right before I saw this I saw the movie Spaceballs and I got so many of the references…but not all of them.  I understand it was making fun of a lot of science fiction movies but I always wondered about the little dink dink song…until I saw Bridge of the River Kwai with Alec Guinness…then it was hilarious.

So, back to the Empire.  I mentioned before that I was hooked on Return of the Jedi.  If that was hooked, then this was love! I couldn’t peel my eyes off this thing!  It was so beautiful, energetic and gripping.  Now I did say earlier that I first watched Jedi and then a New Hope and then got around to Empire.  Did this ruin the reveal?  Yes because I knew that Darth Vader was his father…but then again, it didn’t ruin it at all.  On the contrary, the scene was so damn good that even though the information wasn’t shocking to me the acting and dialogue just was so powerful that it was like hearing it for the first time.   I watched that and the carbonite scene at least a dozen times!

So in the end I would have to agree with mostly anyone who has seen the movies about which was the best.  Hands down it was Empire!  These were our movies and this is what we had to tide us over.  That and the books which I’ll eventually get to.


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