The Force Awakens Countdown : That Guy From Labyrinth Was Who?

Rogue 2?
Rogue 2?

This might seem totally far fetched and a bit of a fan trivia thing but I have to share.  Another movie I happen to love is Labyrinth for several reasons.  First: David Bowie…duh.  Second : I love Jim Henson because he made my childhood out of felt, silicon and worked with Brian Froud.  And the third?  That pilot from Empire Strikes back played the father!  Yeah!  Look it up!  He was Rogue 2, the guy who found Han Solo and Luke Skywalker on Hoth!   It was so funny because he only said like 4 lines in the whole movie just like in Empire but that was enough of a credit!

Now it’s very easy to do “seven degrees of separation” with almost any 80’s film but there seems to be less trouble with Lucas, Spielberg and Henson who bumpered off each others talents often.  And Frank Oz…I’ll just say Frank Oz was who made Yoda believable as a character. Oh! And Julian Glover…just noticing.  He was in Last Crusade as well as Harrison Ford.

Julian Glover as General Veers
Julian Glover as General Veers

As I said…it’s just a weird fan thing that I found out awhile ago.


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