The Force Awakens Countdown : Revenge of the Geeks…and Takei

Now we have entered the 90’s.  If anyone who has lived in the 90’s they are well aware that this was the decade of Star Trek.  Now I’m a pretty decent Trekkie myself but if I could place a specific science fiction universe in my heart it will always be Star Wars.  I grew up on the Next Generation series and even have a signed George Takei (Sulu) photograph from the first sci fi convention I ever went to in 1991 and I didn’t even know how pop culture awesome he would be today!  Even though Star Trek was a great way to get my space fiction fix and I really loved that…I must say I missed Star Wars.

pretty dame awesome
My autographed picture of George Takei right after Undiscovered Country

Even when I went to the ComicCons I always looked for Star Wars stuff and this is where I got my first pack of Topps Star Wars Galaxy trading cards.  In my opinion, these things are works of art!  I especially love the cards that depict scenes from the comics and books that were not portrayed in the movies.  I got the 1993 edition which was the first mainstream edition to come out since Return of the Jedi in 1983.

My small set of 1993 Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards
My small set of 1993 Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards

This is what stopped me from eventually buying any merchandise I could Star Wars related because I did in fact buy them for myself.  I don’t care if they are worth a lot of money I’m just happy that I have such a beautiful collection of cards to admire and tell stories about.  I only buy the things I want and this is the first thing I really wanted…as an 11 year old that was enough.  But this is what brought Star Wars back to the center of my heart.

But do you know what happened just two years later? The end of the originals.


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