Getting Mad At Your Art

If ever I had any strong advice to give to other artists about their art, this would be it: Get angry at it often!

I have had several illustrations that I worked on for far longer than I was ever supposed to.  I would look at it, tweak it, look at it some more, really work on it for hours, leave it alone for a while to let it smolder and then repeat that for about a year.  This, needless to say, was problematic to my productivity.

One day, I finally had it!  I smacked it down in front of me and gave it a good scream.  As much as I had worked on it and as much time as I had invested into it I threatened to wipe it clean from the earth if I could not get closer to that finish line!  Sorry to say, but this turned out to be the path I traveled down.  I ended up erasing the whole…damn…thing.

Over the years I have found that you should always do the work you love to do which is why I don’t do commissions often or at all.  You end up making work just because it is in trend and then it’s just not you!  A great deal of the time I fear the feedback: both good and bad.  But since the beginning of this year I have tried taking a different approach.

If your art doesn’t make you angry enough then just move on!  If I am angry at it for not living up to its potential then I fear it will do nothing for mine.


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