Chili Peppers Live!

A while ago, my best friend Doll and I made up a bucket list of sorts.  You see, Doll is my concert/awesome travel companion and we love going to concerts.  However, we are no longer the young sprigs of youth we used to be (we are not “old” by any stretch of the imagination) so we tend to plan out our concert experiences. Instead of “Hey!  Let’s go out tonight!” it’s now “Hey! In three months lets do things right!”  Trust me…we have been quite stupid in the past.

Ironically, when we made this now forgotten list we both knew that the Chili Peppers was at the top of Doll’s…next to Dir en Grey which has been accomplished…twice!  I suppose we just had to remain patient and they would come to us.  Now if we can just get Vamps out here (that’s Vamps not The Vamps!)


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