The Dame

Hello to you dear reader!

On this page I will attempt to elaborate a bit on who I am and what I actually do.  My name is Alaina but my nickname is Lainy and I am a university graduate with a bachelors in graphic design/multimedia and a minor in art history.  Well, that’s always the first way to introduce oneself on the internet as if my education already tells you something off the bat about me…which it really shouldn’t.  Online I refer to myself as “The Dame” because why the hell can’t I?!  I also do this since not very many people pronounce my name correctly nor do they try so I just stick with Dame.

A few years ago I had realized and was “diagnosed” with severe social anxiety and moderate depression.  I put the quotation marks over diagnosed because not one doctor could give me a straight answer about my issue… just a generalization of my problems.  I’m a home body who just likes to stay inside and away from most people.  I take other people’s remarks very seriously and get really emotional if they choose not to like me or if they become mean towards me.  I am quite oblivious when it comes to other people’s emotions and reasoning so if I offend someone I’m not too sure how I did it or how I can fix it.  Trust me.  I know this is not a good way to go through life and I have been working on yoga and mental relaxation to get at least a foot in the door past this.

On to this blog.  This is a personal blog of mine alone where I share a bit of my life with the internet.  I love photography and writing along with my first love: illustration!  I have started an online comic which I hope to post up soon about one of my favorite designs ever…the Time Squid.  The photography is one of my best methods of “therapy” I guess you could say.  It’s just me and the camera so I feel less uncomfortable than with my friends.  I have always had low self esteem (on top of everything else!) and this helps out a little with getting over my awkwardness.

When I first put this blog up I was going to remain completely anonymous and mysterious by glorifying my life a bit however maintaining a lie is a bit harder than simply relying on the truth and putting faith in that truth.  There is no experiment going on here. No great master plan that I devised as a social experiment.  This is just me, my world and the things that I love in that world.  I cannot guarantee that all posts will be rainbows and pooping unicorns. I can only hope that you, as a reader, get a small understanding into the world of someone who shuts themselves in, who sees the world a little greyer and who wants to see the world in a more magical way.


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