Stewart : My Exit/Traveling Buddy

Meet Stewart, my fun travel companion who just happens to be a puppet monster.  Well, not really a puppet yet, but one of my constant companions nowadays who happens to resemble a monster-type creature.  What’s the story?  Well…that happened quite a long time ago on a drink napkin in a far off land.  I was doodling after a long night of “socializing” when I started decorating the number “5”.  I added teeth, a crazy Mohawk and eyes with bushy eyebrows and voila!  Stewart!

After the creation of Stewart my friends started encouraging me to doodle him on any kind of drawing surface I could whenever we traveled.  Sort of like an “I was here” only I kept them on me instead of leaving them behind.  I have so many little sheets of hotel paper and napkins with different Stewarts that I figured it was time to share in our adventures and memories!

20160425_141640This red, stuffed Stewart was a gift from my amazing big sister as a surprise as a way to make me feel better. (See The Dame)  I love this thing so damn much that he is now a permanent resident in my purse so when I go I can snap a pic and have everyday moments with Stewart!  He goes where I go.

Though this is more of a deeply personal page on this site since I share a lot of Stewart’s memories with my sister and friends and I’m real emotional about family I know it is a bit of a stray from my other pictures.  However, I hope you get as much of a laugh out of them as I do.  Check out my Instagram for a daily adventure!

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