Photo Shoots

Many people have asked me if I’m narcissistic.  My answer: Aren’t we all a bit?  I have had a weird early life to be honest.  I used to love having my picture taken with my friends… until my friends didn’t really want to take pictures of me anymore.  It was a rebellion thing and I’m not vicious towards my friends for wanting attention which I gladly gave them.  Yet for several years there was hardly any pictures of me anymore.  Most pictures I had were “selfie” style or I had strangers take them.  I have spoken with me friends about this and we worked it all out eventually but I have a great time with pictures.  Now that all my friends have moved to other cities or have jobs and families I find myself back to the ever popular selfie.  Instead of turning that very negative story into another reason I shelter inside all the time I decided to use that concept for a different purpose.


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